Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Giving my artwork for charity

Hi, just a warning to all members here to be careful and not just give artwork freely because they get emails or calls and asking for "contribution" for "charity" and they like your work alot.

Ask yourself:
1. Who is this person in charge?
2. What is this person's fulltime job?
2. What is their real agenda?
3. Who are the beneficiaries?

I don't have a fixed income nor a fixed salary- so my time is precious and only meant for putting food on the table and helping those who really need my help.
We are struggling artists and illustrators. Our work is worth something.


zeropointfive said...

Aye aye bro.

I'm all for helping charity if it's really for a good cause but i agree with u that we really have to be careful with who we choose to help.

Lots and lots of people waiting to exploit creatives out there!!! And at the rate that we're already struggling, why make life harder on ourselves, ya?

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

I ll personally kick the butt of whoever tht has been duped- esp if the email was a canned template email :)

open your eyes people!! :D

F L E E said...

I concur!
Nowadays, i can smell a default template email thousand miles away! I get put off when i received mass email template asking artist to collaborate on some dubious project without stating the objectives and purpose of the whole matter.
Don't waste the time of freelancers, every minute is precious in the creative field; think deadline people!
Write a sincere email to start with to let us take you seriously.

andyyang said...

Hey Hey Guys,

Good points.I have had my fair share of experiences when it comes to half baked charity crap. Most of them start really strong with terms like "initiative" only to lose steam and abandon the project halfway through.

In the end the artists are left with nothing but wasted time and effort. Watch out guys!

Mr.B said...

i just got the same email too...

Bella said...

wow what kind of email is that?

but that's abit creepy if you ask me... when there are dubious intentions in the name of something meaningful, i hope there will be less stunts like this next time, nobody trusts charities these days due to dupes and fakes!

and yeah, its good to always keep the lookout and everyone informed on something potentially risky like that.

Bella said...

but although when you think about it, there are some well-meaning organisations that want the artistic contribution of us for a good cause. I remember 100 Chairs a year back. It worked! it would be nice to participate in causes like this.

Bitterjo said...

Had received some dodgy sounding emails these weeks; thanks for the timely warning!

It's really sad that artists who put their heart and soul into their works are being exploited 'for charity'.

dominique said...

I got a couple of template emails asking for the same thing also..

sei-ji rakugaki said...

the person put his website in the email.

He is a wedding photographer etc.
Just click on the link.
I think it's fair for any artist who wishes to take part to find out more in details like some of those questions Mike posed-esp the beneficiaries etc.

ken lee said...

i've got the email too..

AG said...

hehe. i think i know who u talking about. :P

cherie the mrrr said...

got that email too!

i work for a charity, and we do regularly try to create events where talented young people can creatively use their skills to contribute to causes. 100 Chairs was one of my fav - thanks Bella!

but remember to ask for details like registered charity status, and exactly what percentage of funds raised go to the charity. there are the occasional dodgy scams going around that tarnish the name of genuine charity organisations.

recently i had two different people / groups calling me up to ask for free work, or really really cheap work.

Stephanie Wong said...

Hey all.

So little is done here to support illustrators or even designers that alot of them/us get ripped off or get taken on a ride for the promise of new work/ more work, getting your name out there or a "Collaboration".

Kinnda sad, but until there is a possibility of a "Union", or some kinnda support system, we just gotta watch out for ourselves and our buddies :)