Tuesday, June 16, 2009

love dogs

Illustration for a Men's Health magazine article. Ink on paper and photoshop.


sei-ji rakugaki said...

i think the dog's eyes should be closed and the man's eyes open to sideglance at the lady , kinda like he's pretending to be a dog's lover-to get into the woman's skirt.
What's the article about?

And the color of the dog and the man's arm is too similar.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

LOL Seiji - ur comments so funny!
But technically - she's not wearing a skirt as far as I can tell.

dominique said...

Because the darker tone of his right forearm kind of blends into the color of the dog it creates the illusion that he right arm is a bit too small. I like the girl posture and the colors of the background.

zeropointfive said...

The woman should be clutching her breasts. No, jus kiddin'

Yea arm bit too small though i must say because of the looseness of the lines, it's hardly noticeable at first. But it's refreshing to see your cleaner, more commercial style again :) nice half tone colouring heh

drewscape said...

ah you are right. right arm is too small! the article is about woman liking it when men show affection for dogs. have to read the article to understand i guess.

seaniscreative.blogspot.com said...

"the article is about woman liking it when men show affection for dogs."

i got it when i first saw the illustration on its own.

pins said...

yo dd,
tts some really dope
line work in there.
i always preferred your commercial jobs to your personal work
somehow i dunno why.
arm and anatomy aside i think this is a really nice piece.
(yo zero i gotta agree on the clutching her breasts part.
tts just wicked.)

women liking "it" when men show affection for dogs.


Amanda said...

I like the mono colors!

Don Low said...

Some nice colors.