Saturday, June 06, 2009

people walking by

sketched this while having coffee near city hall.
pen + photoshop


Don Low said...

Next time I am coming with you... I love having coffee in the city esp in the morning.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Wow!! photoshop street sketching!!
Are u using the smaller wacom?

I find the wall/ bgr colours too close to the flesh tones.

drewscape said...

i think the photoshop brush for shading is too obvious to pass off as natural media. So i'd prefer a normal no frills brush to do hard edge shading. It'd be nice if the shades were another tint rather than a darker tone of the same colour. eg. blue or purple. Also, I think the darker areas can be more defined. eg. the purple bag. But the colours are nice.

dominique said...

hey Don, when are you coming back?

haha Mike sorry to disappoint you, I didnt bring my wacom out. I usually do the linework while I'm out and do the photoshop part when I get back.

thks for feedback Andrew. I actually did a few more, will post again..