Wednesday, June 03, 2009

sketchwalk- Tiong Bahru results

Row of shophouses at Tiong bahru.. They are probably eateries with the silvery exhaust/fumes viaduct portruding out

those kinda shop at the wet market where they sell everything- dry mushrooms..tau pok..etc

Bunch of aunties gossiping during grocery shopping

Andrew lustily looking at a woman at the market

The man sat, having a drink at the famous Tiong Bahru market.


dominique said...

I like the first pic with the architecture and spiral stairs.

haha I think you've "aged" Andrew.. said...

coolness. love the first 2 drawings. the old houses with spiral staircases... i used to live in one of those. very pretty.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

wow ..... i am looking lustfully at all the drawings esp 4 and 5.jpg :D

The 5.jpg is really doing it for me. It's so well "stacked"!! I am smoked! LOL

Nice loose almost abstract linework.

Hope you get more people to go next round.
I thk 7am is too early. How many people turned up? Just 3 of u?

sei-ji rakugaki said...

thanks all for kind comments
Dom>>"aged" andrew? ha, ha. dun be fooled by him
Sean>> tks

Mike>>ya, 7 is early, but it's good to start the day early cos it's cooling and also , we do not have a life, so nothing to do in the morning too.I think there is some chinese saying on starting the day early and fruitful;)
and altogether there were 5 people, although 3 came later, around 8 to 10am.

drewscape said...

i like the brushwork and lines in the last one. looks a little like chinese paintings but suitable for picture books. you will look uglier next time seiji.

Don Low said...

I remember the first 2... the scene is so familiar - I am always at Tiong Bahru market for breakfast and dinner.

zeropointfive said...

i like the first one for the amount of details you put into it and the last one for that extra touch of ink & wash :) Yea the look feels likechinese brush paintings.

It's been so hot... maybe you guys should do a sketchwalk in air-conditioned places like Vivocity or Orchard road heh... Don't forget to carry a big sign to promote OIC!