Thursday, June 11, 2009


So charmed by the Mononoke series. The anime resembles moving ukiyo-e prints, I highly plug it!

Like Civilised Men
An attempt at CLAMP's 'long-limbed-men' style
pencil + copics + digital

The Oleander Man
pencil + copics + digital


mindflyer 小飞人 said...

The illustration style of Oleander+Man_flattened.jpg looks cool. I like the treatment

Its a typo right?? You mean they are all very flat chested women. LOL :D

AG said...

yeah, Mononoke is AWESOME!!! there's a prequel to Mononoke as well; a series of 3 different "ghost" stories that were really well art-directed. XD

very nice fanart!

zeropointfive said...

lol i thought u guys were talking abt princess mononoke.. i must google this and check it out!

Ya oleander man is pretty well rendered :) nice one!

Bitterjo said...

mindflyer: Thanks man! Such is the mystery of bishounen. Just add a dress and you'll have a lady. XD

AG: I first caught that and thought all the horror stories were very well done too. Was so happy to know there's more after Bakeneko arc.

zeropointfive: Thanks~! I've personally never caught Princess though. Is it good? said...

oleander man is very nice!!! how huge is this drawing?

Bitterjo said...

It's about 30x30cm. :D

plue said...

hey pretty nice. yep mononoke is awesome!