Sunday, June 07, 2009

Yes!! another 37 artists!!! Sat @ MAAD

We had a real good time- some highlights:
More drawings were posted :), among the many sitters we drew a pair of identical Korean twins, our loyal supporter Diff & Albert ( and sister ) and also a very good DJ friend I respect, someone drop by from Lucas & Esplanade Baybeats, Twisstii silkscreened a laptop!!, our neighbour is Nana Roomisn's show, welcome back- Syafid, Jo and Kersheng!! Good to see Suzy and also Sokkuan!!
BTW........... AnnGee was having a sketch walk concurrently in Melbourne!! Look out for her post!!
Thanks to MrB, Twisstii, Clara, Beatriz, Adeline, Kenny, Flee, SanSan, Lyn Chiam for helping out!!

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blogger78 said...

Hey Michael,

It's such a great experience for people to draw me. I usually draw people instead ! haha

Good and i gonna get more friends to get themselves drawn!