Monday, June 08, 2009

petals and fairies

Something I've been working on on an on/off basis.



drewscape said...

this is amazing. has that final fantasy series feel.

Don Low said...

Pretty cool on the skin tone... not from Poser right??

pins said...

absolutely beautiful rendering
of the face, the hair and the lil fairies.
only thing to bear in mind is perhaps the overall proportions of the figure. cos the right shoulder does not look proportional in comparison to the head. might just wanna check the foreshortening of the left arm.

it's a great render very good feel
only thing is the overall big shapes that needs to be blocked before going into the details.

cool stuff.

dominique said...

Thanks for comments, guys. Nope, Don, its not Poser.
Pins, I deliberated over the shoulder for a while too, even though I shot a pic for reference.