Sunday, June 07, 2009

Melbourne Portrait Day turned Sketchwalk.

I was trying to coordinate an OIC Portrait Day in Melbourne yesterday so we could have it both in Singapore and Melbourne at the same time, but weather circumstances conspired against us. (sorry, no photos because i forgot to bring the camera :X)

No one sat outside because it was so cold, and we weren't allowed to do it inside because we'd be "disturbing the patrons", so we took portrait day to Carlton Gardens. And... again, because it was so frosty, no one stopped to pose for us except this lady. :D

But she was the only one. :X By then we were freezing our fingers off and decided to head to an indoors cafe to sketch people instead (trying to keep to the portrait day theme)

A friend showed his portrait to the gentleman he was drawing, and he treated us to beer and coffee in exchange for the drawing. :D

After that, a bit of sketchwalking in the city and stopped because it was too cold to continue. I headed back towards my place to do some more drawing and was joined by this Korean girl, who watched me draw this shop. She mentioned she used to draw as well, so I passed some of my cardboards to her and we both drew until it started drizzling.

and that was the failed attempt at Portrait Day in Melbourne. :P

PS: the cardboard was from the remnants of a box i used to make a sign for portrait day. was gonna post that up as well, but it has "gone with the wind".


mindflyer 小飞人 said...

AnnGee- thk for trying this in freezing weather in Melbourne!!
Glad it turned out fruitfull eventhough it morph into a sketch walk!

I love the drawings on the cardboard esp those with serial numbers printed on it! So freakin cool! O4.jpg

twisstii said...

omg ...this is the true spirit of an illustrator. hand freezing but must die with pencil in hand kind. can almost picture it with your narration. i like the last one. :D said...

these are lovely! i also like the ones with serial numbers. and the white outlines are great!

Dawn Tan said...

Hahaha... Anngee keep it up ! : ) I looooveeeeeeeee the shop drawing! : P

drewscape said...

Well done. these look great and fun.

adeline said...

wonderful set of drawings. i love all of them!!!

dominique said...

these are great. beautiful work!

F L E E said...

Yes Anngee, if you freeze your fingers off; pick them up with another hand, defrost them; re-attached them and resume drawing!
You hardcore lah you! Bring back some cold ice wind chills to Singapore! See you soon!