Sunday, April 27, 2008

bad neighbourhood and flying elephant

elephant..just doodling..

Stumbled upon these men with tatoos in a terrace house with andrew, mike and Adeline. They were pumping irons in a make-shift gym in the lawn. You know you are in the neighbourhood.


mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Damn cute sketches esp the elephant one!
I am sure we didnt see any of those :D

Its interesting tht u can interpret our encounter with the tattoo gang in this way.
Nice "narrative".

drewscape said...

you weren't kidding when you said you were gonna draw them! very cute comic. submit to oicomix! "A bad neighbourhood and flying elephants" make a nice name for a book.

AG said...

wwwweeeeeeeeeee~~~~~ eeelephantsss!!!!! XD SO CUTE!

and i love the tattoo gangsta drawings esp the one of the dogs behind the grills. COOL!

adeline said...

hehehe, the charm of jalan malu-malu. the kneeling elephant third from left is a winner ;-)