Friday, April 18, 2008

Tim Sale

Picked up a Daredevil graphic novel recently. Titled, Daredevil:Yellow. Art by Tim Sale. Written by Jeph Loeb. It's about the origins of Daredevil. (Did you know his original costume was yellow?) The art was done in a watercolour painterly style instead of the usual black lines and photoshop. The last few pages revealed how Tim Sale put it together. He did everything in black ink and grey washes. He then passed it on to a colourist who used photoshop to colour all the washes so they look like colour washes. Trying it myself, all you have to do is use "overlay" and "linear dodge" over grey tones to get this delicious effect. But of course, your lines and tone placement have to be good for the picture to look good.

Later on, i found that Tim Sale was also the artist behind Issac Mendez’s paintings and 9thWonder comic for Heroes! It looks like he used the same technique there too.


adeline said...

wow the costume now looks not bad too (red compliments yellow, i think).

hmm and mendez, that name rings a bell. i might just have friend with that last name too. lol. photoshop thing sounds interesting, thanks!

bella said...

enough with the james jeaning, I BELONG TO TEH TIM SALE CAMP whoowwheeee :P

well sa'pity he's color blind. he'll never know how wonderful colors complement his style. he's been my inspiration ever since I picked up Catwoman: When In Rome.

oh and drew while you're at it, can you also feature Darwyn Cooke? nice brushy retro style!

drewscape said...

That was his old costume. His new one is red. Mendez was the artist guy in Heroes who paints prophetic paintingg when his eyes go white.

Darwyn Cooke is awesome!! i read his entire New frontiers comic. Art was simple and fantastic. He is a veteran and master definately. will put something together.