Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hide & Seek

It all started when I was glaring at my white heels thinking 'Damn, but they're boring!". Shoe customizing service is available at Hide & Seek. All shoes are hand-painted by moi and gloss/mat varnished, depending on preferences.

The shop has much other cool stuff by designers local and far and wide, so go check it out~

Tried my hand at something simple and girly. Drawn, painted and gloss varnished.

Little Red Dots came about because I thought girls generally look rather adorable in round toe flats. Decked the shoes with little ladybirds frolicking among leaves. Drawn, painted and gloss varnished.

Spontaneously drew these at 4am on a working day, and my favorite pair thus far. Drawn, painted and gloss varnished.


drewscape said...

cool. did you draw any? or plan to?

Bitterjo said...

Yeah...I drew these. And also the one doing shoe customization. Should have made myself clearer. :P

drewscape said...