Wednesday, April 23, 2008


just wondering, what do you guys pack when you go drawing/painting en plein air? any particular tubes of color or ink that you recommend bringing along?

because i was thinking of packing CMYK, but then abit sian1/2 to mix all the colors. :X

help is very very appreciated! thanks :D


drewscape said...

i just bring black pen and a zig calligraphy marker. So i can get thin lines and thicker blocks of blacks. Colours can be added later in photoshop.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

AnnGee I have emailed u. chk mail.
Anyway - its quite subjective since everybody works differently. So if you have some time- play with your paints as suggested in the email so tht u can find what works for u.

The 3 best thing I can ask u to bring is:
1. a piece of cleaning rag
2. the "Seiji endorsed" water brush!!
3. Drawing clips


dawn t said...

Haha. Angee, I always bring my waterbottle, tissue paper, one brush, watercolour palette, nib pen, and ink. Won't fail you one. Waterbottle and tissue, so you can wash your brushes and wipe off water, and also to drink and wipe off perspiration. HAHA.

Eh. Sketch trip soon leh. Lol.

AG said...

wooh! thanks thanks!! :D :D :D

shifu cheat sia. :X muahaha--

thanks boss! wah, really instructive man. i'll try out that mixing color chart thing! :D xiexie ah
oh YES. drawing clips and cleaning rag. super important!

kaka. i'll keep you posted on the sketch crawl thing :P i'm working alot in studio these days (like finally XD) agree with the tissue, everytime i forget. but quite hard to sweat in melbourne now.