Monday, April 21, 2008

squares are my friend

a comic draft for an npo ad, with brilliant concept by the agency. kowtows!


kuanth said...

very nice.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Any narrative or concept explanation?
Where's and wht's the "meat"?

Which NPO is this?

Abit cryptic leh.


drewscape said...

Oh nice work! i love this style treatment for this ad. I feel it works but some parts cld have been clearer. like when the couple go nose to nose. are they quarrelling? Did the guy find a new family in the end?

It's done for Oglivy and Mather for Pave. An organisation that helps abused women. It's meant to be cryptic. Me and Adeline did one version too but with a different storyline.

cherie the mrrr said...

haha theyre supposed to be kissing. oh the last bit is when she becomes isolated from her family. i hope after roy treats the layout it'll be clearer?

i'd love to see what you and adeline did! show, show. roy was really nice about me pushing timelines so far back, i feel so bad argh.

drewscape said...

if it's kissing. then it makes more sense to emphasize the lips and happy expressions instead of the nose. And i think have to give more clues that it is her family coz there is no pre-frame for readers to link to. But hopefully the copy will help. Yeah Roy is nice. Will show after Roy puts in all the copy.

sokkuan said...

cherrie i love this piece very much! ('u')

adeline said...

awesome sauce, he showed me andrew's. looks really good too :-)

cherie the mrrr said...

thanks sokkuan :)
yeah in retrospect it looks cryptic, wish i had more time to show it to folks for opinions. but! still one of the funnest projects i've had this year, hehheh.