Thursday, April 17, 2008

Some of James Jean's (the guy seiji hates) recent live figure drawings. Done with Acrylic Ink and Pastel on Rives BFK. He seems to be experimenting with this new approach. I think its really looking fresh and also takes quite some skill to achieve. Have you tried painting on Rives BFK paper? It's a pretty strange paper to paint on. It absorbs liquid paints very fast. Well done James Jean!

For those of you who just heard of James Jean. He is the illustrator behind the Fables comic covers. It's about old well-known fairy tale characters in the modern world. See the Fables covers HERE.


mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Amazing stuff!!
Can't help noticing how the tattoo artist rest his elbow and you can almost "see/feel" the weight of the gal on the chair! I can see gravity!!

Would be good if there is a photo showing how he works. Cool that they have a drawing session in a real Tattoo shop!

Thx for posting Wen!

AG said...

that tattoo artist is soooooooo lucky dude.

i love the colors. James (machiam he my friend lidat) is SO DAMN BLOODY GOOD. especially like how he did the chair the girl is sitting in and the tones that he used in the tattoo artist's flesh.


drewscape said...

Thanks for commenting. Yeah glad you enjoyed this.

Bahne said...

Great style man !
I'm imprest :D

Bahne said...

Great style man !
Good work :D