Monday, April 28, 2008

The newly renovated and re-opened Peranakan Musuem showcases 3 floors of stunning Peranakan artifacts as well as all-new permanent graphics and wallpapers by its creative director, Fleecircus! The project took a challenging 8 months to complete so don't remind fleecircus of intricate Peranakan patterns for some time. Here are some photos i could manage with my phone camera.


kuanth said...

good job flee. where's the phoenix that i like?

F L E E said...

Oh snap!
Thanks Drewscape!
Been trying to take pictures of the museum for myself the longest time. I'll post it up on my blog soon. Thank you for the support!

AG said...

*kowtow kowtow*

ROCKINGGGG!!!!!!!! but post bigger picture lei. :P meh. can't wait to go when i get back! XD XD muaha. bring my whole familly and say i know the person who designed everything. ehehehe.

fleecircus got free entry? XD

twisstii said...

hey flee,

intricate peranakan patterns, intricate peranakan patterns, intricate peranakan patterns!! gah!

sokkuan said...

WOW! very nice lee! your 8 months of hardwork paid off! where is it? i should go to the museum just for your brilliant deco!