Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Soloist sketch 02

Another drawing of the Soloist series. Same as the first soloist I posted it's drew in blue ball point pen and adjusted to brown on Muji recycle paper.

This is a coloured version I did in PS. Initially the colour is more saturated, but some friends advised that less saturate will look nicer, so here is the result.


sei-ji rakugaki said...

Iliked that "lion-orge" creature;).Nicely rendered!
But I think the character is too "smack into the mouth of the creature." and hence it looked flat. Having a little distance or gap between the "mouth" and the girl will make the picture better.

drewscape said...

It has a nice storybook illustration feel. Good use of lines to create texture. Although everything is in the middle, the slant of the composition and the slant of the monster's arms help to give the picture dynamism. I think the gap btw the girl and monster is fine. Gives more tension.