Friday, April 11, 2008

Stuff i do in school

harrow harrow

this is my studio in school, drawing department.

we're supposed to plaster our work/other stuff on the walls to inspire ourselves-

close up of the stuff i've been drawing in class

most recent one - done with charcoal. have to work more on the tonal values. :X

eh. my installation in our "gallery" which is actually just walls along our department.

hah- okay.


drewscape said...

so that's what australia looks like. i like your tone study piece. looks good. thanks for sharing.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Wah- AG inner sanctum! Cool! SHow us more when u have more time!!

For the Tonal study-
Why is there a Black strip on the right?
I dont think I have patience for tht now but ur shifu-Ah Wen is "THE tonal study evangelist" and will flog u with spikes if u don't do this well!! :D

Whts with the Nissin noodle installation?? Your emergency ration boxes??

AG said...

shifu: thanks :X

boss: ei, the tonal study from photocopy is a discussion we had regarding copying a copy of a photo. so like the original is taken by the camera, therefore the photograph is a copy of the original, while the photocopy is a copy of the photograph, and finally our drawing is a copy of the photocopy, which i was trying to replicate the photocopy effects which includes the whole A4 sheet of paper (therefore the black strip) to make it a copy of the photocopy instead of the photo.


that's art sch for you, arguing semantics.

the nissin noodle installation is synthesized and distilled from a set of evidences from an incident that we had to investigate from a "crime scene".