Thursday, April 10, 2008


Here's an exercise get our drawing juices flowing and to get us to draw stuff out of our usual pet subjects! Every 10 days a topic will be announced on the right side of the blog. The topic will always be something you can see around you or remember in your life. Experiment with your drawings. Maybe try a style you've never tried before. Or just do a simple sketch. Drawings don't have to be masterpieces or gorgeous. It's just practice.

This week's topic is draw something within 3 meters of where you are sitting now. Post your drawings on the blog as usual and title it "Scavenger sketch." And tell us what it is.

Here's is Yotsuba. She sits on my desk eating her icecream. She is from a popular manga introduced by flee. It's pretty hilarious.

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AG said...

100% yotsuba spirit!

yotsuba comic veh funny- :X