Saturday, April 19, 2008

sexy babe-carrie

Went to a friend's place and met her cat-carrie. In human terms, she will be 50 years old, but still a sexy beauty.The way she looked at you through those green eyes of her,unblinkingly and proudly, you know you will fall in love with her. See my new blog here for more pics.(Tks to Andrew for the constant drilling)


AG said...

nice! the second one done with ink and brush really got feeling, especially around the area where it curves over the shoulderblade and down to the lower back.

drewscape said...

got that traditional chinese/japanese brush painting look. And it's simple too. Nice. If you want to you, you cld explore combining this style with something else to give it a contemporary edge. eg. mix with digital collage, photoshop, or maybe japanese halftone dots. trial and error.