Monday, April 21, 2008

Hehe! sorry for not contributing regularly. Drewscpae was like going to kick my butt.

Heres something i did quite awhile back, hope you guys dig.

Mr Humty was an experimental piece. The idea actually came to me when i was reading about its origin. Here Humty indulges in his favourite prata, which his ignorance later brought to its own downfall. His subject below also represents conspiracy.


drewscape said...

haha that's what you get for working in the same office. spelt my name wrong too! Your style of illustration is the kind that isn't too common. It has layers and layers of meaning hidden in your Dali-like drawings. Takes lots of planning and patience to create drawings like that. Keep it up!

pins said...

dont think we have met,
but hey this is a really nice painting of humpty.