Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Scavenger Sketch

In Macross, Rick Hunter joins an intergalactic battle and pilots a Veritech- A fighter plane which can transform into a mecha. From a rookie pilot, he later becomes commander of the Super Dimensional Fortress 3. It's a classic anime saga which contains lots of robot vs giant alien battles and sappy triangle romances which i shamelessly like. My ancient sketchbooks contain many tries at drawing Rick Hunter's spiked hair and face. Most of them out of proportioned. I don't think i've got it quite right yet. But heck close enuf.


Renjie said...

Cool stuff!
yea one of my favourite as well!
nostalgic dude

pins said...

nice one andrew!
i like macross too!
but i didnt remember him as rick hunter...
when i was a kid i watched it in mandarin and his name was kindda funky..
一条 輝 hikaru ichijo.hehe a lil fanboy trivia.
the ghetto kids like me watch it in mandarin me thinks haha.

color it too man and post more!

Peter said...

Just to set the records straight :) actually when Macross was screen on Channel 8 on SBC in 1986, they did not use the name 一条 輝 hikaru ichijo. The Taiwan translated name was "锐克" which was actually RICK.

I'm amazed by your rendition of him. I appreciate your work very much.